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The Seminary was founded by Dr. Gordon Cross and Dr. Forrest Slane in 1983 as an independent, non-profit institution for learning. The Seminary is transdenominational. Its purpose is to prepare men and women who are called to serve as rabbis, pastors, missionaries, leaders, educators, and counselors. It also serves to train individuals for lay leadership in the church and synagogue. The alumni include rabbis, evangelists, pastors, educators, counselors, administrators, and musicians. All who desire to learn with effectiveness are welcome to attend. Those who recognize the need to continually study God's Word in its original Jewish context and the need for further preparation, come.

The Yeshiva course of study combines residential studies with distance learning. Residential studies include semester-long courses as well as intensive sessions one to three weeks in length. These are offered on the campus of St. Petersburg Seminary and Yeshiva, where Netzer David International Yeshiva operates autonomously as a separate school in association with the Seminary. Distance learning incorporates week-long intensive sessions in various locations around the world as well as correspondence and online courses

The Yeshiva offers a certificate program as well as several degrees (B.A., M.A., M.R.S. [Master of Rabbinic Studies], and D.Min.). Additionally, as an "approved school" by the Messianic Jewish Rabbinic Council (MJRC) and the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC), the Yeshiva's courses qualify a candidate for either "madrikh" (licensure) or "s'micha" (ordination) by the UMJC.


3190 Gulf to Bay Boulevard, Clearwater, Florida 33759

Phone: (727) 669-0276

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