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The Distortion

The Distortion

The Distortion: 2000 Years of Misrepresenting the Relationship Between Jesus the Messiah and the Jewish People 
by John Fischer and Patrice Fischer

"Jews just don’t believe in Jesus, and never have!"

"The Jews killed Jesus; they rejected their own Messiah."

These statements, although common, are just not true! This book exposes how these misunderstandings began, how they continued through the last two millennia, what it has cost, not only the Jewish people, but also the Church. In this timely, eye-opening book, Drs. John and Patrice Fischer answer ancient questions being raised anew in response to the film, The Passion of the Christ. Here are just a few of the topics covered:

Are the Gospels Reliable?
Are the Gospels Anti-Semitic?
Has the Church Been Anti-Semitic?
Have the Jewish People Responded to God’s Plan?
A Modern Script for the Passion Story
Cinematic Choices That Could Lead to Anti-Semitic Conclusions

The Distortion reveals how the facts of the New Testament gradually got distorted in the minds of people, and shows what can be done to rectify something that has led to travesty and tragedy for 2000 years.
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