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Can you tell me more about Dr. Tom and Lynn's Ministry?

Dr. Tom and Lynn Tribelhorn joined Menorah Ministries in early 1997. Tom currently serves as Senior Postdoctoral Researcher in the mission's apologetics division. His passions include Jewish studies (the Jewish foundations and framework of the Bible and Christian faith) and apologetics, reaching out to students and members of the academic community as an ambassador for the historical integrity of the Bible. Contrary to the conventional position, Dr.Tom is not convinced the Bible is an obsolete ancient myth. Lynn helps in the office. They have one adult daughter. 

Tom and Lynn travel internationally speaking at scholars' forums and conferences defending the integrity of God's Word in the academic arenas of, for example, Germany, England (London and Cambridge), Israel, Russia, and Nepal. Tom's conviction is that when the conventional chronology is revised (corrected) and the text of the Bible is returned to its Jewish foundation and framework, the Bible's historical integrity is restored. 

Tom holds a Ph.D. (cum laude) in Judaic studies from the Netzer David International Yeshiva which included extensive primary research in Israel; a Doctor of Ministry in  Judaeo-Christian studies from Saint Petersburg Seminary; an M.A. in Judaeo-Christian studies from Jerusalem University College (Israel); an M.Ed. from William Paterson University of New Jersey; and, a B.A. in Bible from Northeastern Bible College. All of his degrees are earned and were awarded by nationally accredited institutions of higher learning. He has led and co-led numerous tours and study groups to Israel, Egypt, and Jordan.

He is an adjunct professor of the St. Petersburg Seminary and Yeshiva, having previously served as Professor of Jewish Studies, Academic Dean, Director of Doctoral Studies, and member of the President's Cabinet. 

His books are now in English, Russian, Lithuanian, and German. Others are on the way. Tom and Lynn receive thank you messages from friends around the world sharing how his books and lectures have helped to restore their faith. 

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