Menorah Ministries and its staff have a multi-pronged purpose:

  • to effectively communicate the message of Jesus the Messiah to the Jewish people

  • to establish a model Messianic synagogue which will be a home for Jewish and Gentile followers of Jesus the Messiah, and will thus serve as a pattern and a training ground for Messianic synagogues elsewhere in the world

  • to develop and distribute materials for reaching, discipling and training Jewish people

  • to train believers in Jesus in communicating their faith sensitively to Jewish people

  • to educate believers in discovering the richness of the Jewish roots and connections of their Christian faith

  • to promote, within the church, a greater understanding of the Jewish people

  • to combat the evils of anti-semitism



Est. 1984

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Menorah Ministries

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 Menorah Ministries is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Your donations are greatly appreciated.


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  • Dr. John Fischer

  • Dr. Patrice Fischer



  • Dr. Bill Anderson

  • Dr. Betty Sue Brewster

  • Dr. Timothy Foster

  • Ellis Goldstein

  • Rev. Tristan Hohler

  • Dr. Vicky Jones

  • Dr. Conrad Koch

  • Dr. Jan McCray

  • Jim McCullough

  • Rev. Angus MacDonald

  • Rev. Richard Ostien

  • Dr. James Rogers

  • Dr. David H. Stern

  • Dr. Robert Willey

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