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Dear Rabbi John, What does it mean when I see labels on food packages that I buy that say “KOSHER”? Does it mean that a rabbi has blessed it, or is there more to it than that? --Clueless in Clearwater The “kosher” labels that we see today on food are based on Biblical practices in place long before the time of Moses—Gen. 8:20 tells us that Noah understood the concept of “clean” animals (those that are suitable for human consumption) and “unclean” (those that are not suitable). This is going to be a short answer to a question that could take up many pages of instructions. In brief, the answer is yes, there is a lot more to food being kosher than just the prayer of a rabbi. A modern-day rabbi

January – February 2018 Newsletter

January – February 2018 / Tevet – Shevat – Adar 5778 Part of our story actually begins many years ago with two very different kinds of introductions to two very different people in different parts of the globe. One introduction goes back about a dozen years or so ago. It took place just outside of Jerusalem. John was eating at a conference center cafeteria during the official meetings of the International Messianic Jewish Alliance. Not far away sat another group of people from a different conference, but it included a couple of people John knew. John went over to greet them and was introduced to the others. When he shook hands with one of them, the older man said with a smile on his face: “I

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